Teaching Philosophy-

Growth is above all what I strive for in my classroom. I believe this comes through one-on-one conversations with the students, passionate and well-planned curriculum, inquisitive critiques, and informative feedback. For me collegiate teaching is extremely rewarding because of the level of depth that can occur in technique and concept.

The classroom is a space where each voice is important and valuable. The classroom does not revolve around competition, status or favoritism, but it is an open forum where every member of the community is able to communicate, grow and learn to the best of their individual ability and to give and receive support.  I believe in cyclical learning where I am learning from the students and the students are learning from me.  To me a good teacher is a facilitator rather than an all knowing being. The classroom community is a place where discussion facilitates question asking and answering each other’s questions, investigating relevant issues and exploring the world at large.

As a contemporary artist, I am focused on conceptual ideas and my teaching method revolves around having a conceptual and inquiry-based curriculum. The purpose of focusing on concept is to deepen the meaning of the artist-student’s work and to inspire students to make work focused on ideas and not solely on skill as the ends but as the means to powerful and deliberate art work. I incorporate artists from history as well as contemporary artists. Students will learn the techniques and skills that they need and desire for their individual projects in workshops that occur intermittently throughout projects. Assessment is clearly given to students to promote the understanding of expectations and teacher observation.